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What is the AVCA Phenom College Prep Program?

A: A weekend for student-athletes and their parents to learn network and socialize. The event is designed to prepare and educate participants and their parents about playing volleyball at the collegiate level. It is an invitation-only event for unsigned athletes on the Under Armour Watch List and AVCA Phenom Watch List. Participating student-athletes and their parents will attend educational sessions, the Under Armour All-America High School Volleyball Match, NCAA volleyball matches, interact with AVCA collegiate All-Americans, undergo avcaVPI™ testing and participate in the NCSA/AVCA Talent Showcase during which athletes will demonstrate their skills in front of 150+ college coaches in attendance.

How do I receive an invitation to participate in the AVCA Phenom College Prep Program?

A: Athletes are identified by the AVCA or nominated through the AVCA Phenom Nomination form. Athlete’s must have received some form of recognition for their outstanding play (All-State, Prep Volleyball, USA Volleyball Team, etc.) or the athlete has received a college-ready avcaVPI™ score at a previous combine or through an avcaVPI™ Official Licensed Site. The athlete’s high school coach, club coach, or club director must be an active AVCA Member. Invitations are sent via email to coaches and/or parents. 

What is the AVCA Volleyball Performance Index (avcaVPI™)?

A: A composite score of electronically-validated tests measuring standing vertical jump, arm swing velocity, height of attack, two-handed block touch, pro-agility and acceleration. Compare your results with other players the same age, others at the same position, or players currently on college teams.

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What is a College-Ready avcaVPI™ Score? 

A: College-ready scores are based on college enrollment data from 2,000+ former participants in AVCA programs. 80% of those with college-ready scores appeared on college rosters as freshman. Due to continued data collection and analysis, college-ready scores are adjusted periodically.
                                          – Outside Hitter: 510+                                                      – Setter: 489+
                                          – Middle Blocker: 520+                                                    – DS/Libero: 490+
                                          – Rightside Hitter: 530+

Can my score still be published to the avcaVPI™ searchable database if I test at an avcaVPI™ Official Licensed Site?

A: If you score a college-ready avcaVPI™ score at an Official Licensed Site, you will receive an email from the AVCA inviting you to fill out a form in order to publish you score to the database. There is a one time fee of $30.00 to publish your score to the database.

What is the Athlete Behavioral Profile (ABP)?

A: A succinct overview of a player’s behavioral tendencies on the court. Valuable for self-awareness
about your learning style and useful in identifying college environments where you will thrive.

What is the Player Video Clip (PVC)?

A: Each player will have a videotape clip of her performance in the height of attack, arm swing velocity or pro-agility stations automatically uploaded to her profile in the avcaVPI™ database based on her position. She will also have the ability to add her own 3-minute YouTube video clip to her profile. When combined with the avcaVPI™, the PVC provides a college coach with the ability to judge how far along a player is in reaching her physical potential.

Who can access the avcaVPI™ searchable database?

A: This information will be shared with participating athletes and AVCA member college coaches. 


More questions? Contact avcaVPI@avca.org

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