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Athlete Behavioral Profile (ABP)

Using the proven Target Training International (TTI) DISC assessment tool, participants will receive a succinct overview of their behavioral tendencies on the court, as well as, their natural predispositions.  This profile is valuable for players as the insights increase self-awareness and identify blind spots which may impede progress.  The assessment also gives coaches shorthand perspective on a player’s motivation improving feedback and team chemistry.


Volleyball Performance Index (VPI)

In order for a metric to be successful it must be relevant, accepted, repeatable, accessible, and unbiased. With this in mind, the testing performed at various AVCA events is completed using means and equipment that completely removes tester bias and allows the athlete to supply data that is truly their own. It is important to understand that some scores may not be exactly what you as an athlete, parent, or coach have become accustomed to seeing or be exactly the same as previous scores in other environments. This explanation will allow those viewing the data to have a greater understanding of the testing protocol.

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Player Video Clips (PVC)

Each player will have a videotape clip of her performance in the height of attack, arm swing velocity and pro-agility stations automatically uploaded to her profile in the avcaVPI database. She will also have the ability to add her own 3-minute YouTube video clip to her profile. When combined with the avcaVPI, the PVC provides a college coach with the ability to judge how far along a player is in reaching her physical potential.

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