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The VPI Does Not Lie! JVA Combine Graduates – 134 in College! Blog for avcaVPI™ Users

Written by Kathy DeBoer | Posted on 03/16/2016 | Share


The VPI Does Not Lie!
JVA Combine Graduates – 134 in College!
Blog for avcaVPI™ Users

     Every weekend of the junior season hundreds of parents and coaches schedule an early departure for a tournament so their daughter and players can participate in a “Showcase” or “Tryout” or “Combine.” These pre-event ‘add-on’s’ are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and can garner additional exposure for players interested in college volleyball. Most of the time, however, the return on this investment of time and money is hard to gauge. Participants get a T-shirt, a bib number, and occasionally, a sprained ankle, but the questions of whether college coaches showed up, and, if they did, who they watched, are impossible to answer.
Frustrated by this, the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) introduced a different model at the 2013 JVA World Challenge three years ago in Louisville. The list on the left is 134 HS graduates who attended JVA WC Combines in 2013, 2014 or 2015. Our fourth JVA College Prep Combine is Thursday, April 21 at the JVA World Challenge in Kansas City.


JVA WorldChallengeGrads 2013-2015


     To be clear, no event can guarantee looks from college coaches, much less a college roster position or a scholarship. Our goal with this model is simply to remove some of the mystery from the recruiting process by gathering reliable physical performance data, comparing prospects with current college players by position, and tracking the results and correlations over time. It’s a more scientific way to approach recruiting for both college coaches and high school aspirants.

The AVCA College Prep Combine Value Proposition:
1. avcaVPI™ score, the only validated indicator of college-level athleticism.


2. Athlete Behavioral Profile (ABP): a reliable assessment of your learning style


3. Your Personal Record in the avcaVPI™ database: a search tool available free to all AVCA members with Combine data posted the night of the event.

4. Dartfish Video Clip of your Attack and Speed tests: invaluable for analysis and feedback on improvement options.

5. Ability to Upload Your Own 3-minute Video: complement your physical profile with skill-specific clips.

Why is AVCA doing this? We want your metrics to add to our research on volleyball players, and, by tracking on the results we add to our knowledge & hopefully add YOU to our list!

Register today: This is worth your time and money!

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