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What to Expect: AVCA Combine

Written by Ashley Edmond | Posted on 10/02/2015 | Share

What to Expect: AVCA Combine

2016 AVCA Combine

Athletes can go to www.avcaphenom.com to sign-up for any of our Combines offered for a specific year. Once registered, an athlete will receive three emails over the weeks before the combine. The first email will be directions to take the Athlete Behavioral Profile. The ABP assessment is not a test, but an overview of a player’s behavioral tendencies on the court. The assessment should take around 15- 20 minutes. Second, the athletes will receive an email telling them any information they will need to know about parking, location, what they will need to do, what to wear, etc. Lastly, an email designating which wave each athlete has been placed into.

Combine Day
A Combine is comprised of two waves. Each wave goes through the VPI testing which consists of metrics. There is no “playing” in our Combines and parents are not allowed to watch the metrics being taken, which is why we hold educational seasons for the parents while the athletes are in testing.

The athletes will first go to packet pick-up. At packet pick-up athletes will receive their Under Armor shirt, bib number, safety pins, and their ABP printed out. Then each athlete will have their height and standing arm reach taken. They will be directed to wait until we are ready to take them all to a strength and conditioning coach to warm up. The athletes will then start the VPI testing. The avcaVPI™ is a composite score of electronically-validated tests measuring standing vertical jump, arm swing velocity, height of attack, two-handed block touch, pro-agility and acceleration.

The parents will be directed to a room to sit in the talk about, Recruiting Information from NCSA. “NCSA Athletic Recruiting is focused on providing education and support to help families achieve their college volleyball recruiting goals. Through the Volleyball Recruiting Education Talk at the AVCA College Prep Combines, NCSA’s Director of Volleyball Relations and former 15 year NCAA Division I Head Volleyball Coach Matt Sonnichsen, shares his experience to help families understand and manage their college volleyball recruiting process.”

The parents will then stay to listen to the College Coach Panel. This is a session we set up with college coaches from each division to talk about their division and to answer any questions parents may have. This session is only held once; wave one and two parents will sit in on this session.

Once wave one is done testing, wave one and two athletes, including parents, will sit in on an explanation of the VPI by Kyle Norris and the Athlete Behavioral Profile Debrief which is conducted by a certified ABP partner.

The Day After
AVCA will have a booth at the tournament after the event. Each athlete will receive an email on login information as-well-as where the location of our booth will be at. We will have the leaderboard running which are the top athletes of each position on an ongoing screen. The results are not compatible on cell phones, but are compatible on tablets and computers.

Any athlete or parents can come up and get a detailed explanation and break down of the athlete’s scores. We can show the athlete/parents how to use the database. A player/parent can see other athlete’s results by being able to sort by position, grad year, and event. We also have handouts on other college athlete’s scores, how to put your own three minute highlight video up, and additions of the AVCA magazine.

We also have information on our app. avcaVPI™ which is free! The app. Gives the athlete a chance to re-try some of the metrics over time to see her progress. Using the avcaVPI™ app. is used as an aid to improvement and it is not a certified score unless your metrics are taken in the actual combine.

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