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avcaVPI™ is a composite score of electronically-validated tests measuring standing vertical jump, arm swing velocity, height of attack, two-handed block touch, pro-agility and acceleration. Your avcaVPI™ Score allows you to compare your results with other players the same age, others at the same position, or players currently on college teams. Click here to view an explanation of avcaVPI™ assessments.

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avcaVPI™ Portal

Current AVCA members are able to access the avcaVPI portal via the link in the right hand corner of this site. 

Login information for the Portal is the same as for the main AVCA website. Please note that during your first login to the avcaVPI™ Portal, you must select a tenant in order to access the site. Above the ‘Log In’ text, you will see text that says ‘Current Tenant: Not selected.’ Click ‘Change’, toggle the switch by ‘Switch to Tenant,’ and enter ‘Default’ into the Tenancy Name. 

Please contact Alex Fitzmorris-Sorn at alex.fitzmorris-sorn@avca.org with any questions. 

avcaVPI™ Official Licensed Sites

The AVCA has avcaVPI™ Official Licensed Sites versus hosting College Prep Combines. By having avcaVPI™ Official Licensed Sites, this will create more opportunities for athletes to participate in avcaVPI™ Testing at any time and across the country. avcaVPI™ Official Licensed Sites will be available in clubs or with strength coaches.

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